How to create Wallet

Now you have accomplished the installed of Daedalus, lets look at how to delegate your ADA in Daedalus.

Double click the Daedalus Mainnet icon and the wallet will launch. If it requires syncing let that complete before continuing.

Click on Create

Specify a Wallet name – minimum of 3 letters and a maximum of 40

The spending password is required, when sending funds and delegating – at least 10 characters long and special characters can be used.

The next step is VERY IMPORTANT and the message below should be digested.

In the event of hardware failure or the computer that is storing the Daedalus wallet is destroyed. You will require the recovery phrase to reinstate your wallet.

Do not take a screen print and keep it on the same computer that is hosting the wallet. Even if you delegate your ADA to a pool, the operator does not hold your ADA and is unable to assist you in retrieving your funds. I cannot reiterate how IMPORTANT the recovery phrase is.

You will be prompted to confirm the 24 word recovery phrase, once you have clicked Yes, I have written down my wallet recovery phrase.

Verify your recovery phrase.

You will need to tick both boxes and Confirm. The Wallet will start syncing with the blockchain.

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